The Jim Reynolds Way

Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc. is a family owned and operated company located in Louisville, KY. We serve Louisville and surrounding areas with asphalt maintenance services. We've been able to grow to one of the top asphalt maintenance companies in the city by sticking to the JIM REYNOLDS WAY!

Our services include things like:

  • Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Concrete Sealcoating
  • Asphalt Repair & More

Most companies when they grow they struggle with keeping the same core values that made them who they were in the first place. Here at Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, our growth was built on the back of our core values.

The late Jim Reynolds; for our customers who know him, knows he was one of the nicest, funniest people you would ever meet. He NEVER met a stranger who he did not build a friendship that lasted a lifetime. Being able to witness the strong bonds the founder of the company created, we promised to always stick to the Jim Reynolds Way no matter what!

The Jim Reynolds Way:

1. Customers Come First
We always believe that you should treat your customers the same way you would treat your family! So in all areas of our company we all make sure to put our relationship with our customers first. We make sure to provide them with information needed to make the best choices in regards to their asphalt surface.

We explain to them how often each service should be done as well as let them know the best ways of saving money in the long run... because who doesn't like saving money!

2. Everyone Loves a Good Laugh
We realize it's more fun to run a business, work for a company and be a customer when the process is fun! Due to that, we try to always implement a good laugh and add some fun in the work we do. Even when training our employees our goal is to always make our company enjoyable to be a part of. When that is accomplished even the customers can tell the joy we have with performing the work for them.

3. Always Work Hard & Be Honest
A lot of people wonder how businesses last 3 decades and more... HONESTY & INTEGRITY!

If you run a business with integrity you build a strong foundation that keeps your employees and customers coming back for more.

We take pride in building a legacy and realize these three things will always help us stay true to our core values!

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