CEO Talk

Presented by Chelsea Ellis

Ending up in the asphalt maintenance industry wasn’t always my dream career.

Yes, I did always want to be an entrepreneur!

I just never truly knew what industry I would get involved in.

After continued research about entrepreneurship, I knew the biggest thing I needed to do is find a SOLUTION to a PROBLEM.

I was working as an employee in my family's asphalt maintenance company; Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc., at the time and I started asking myself...

What problems can we solve in this industry?

I started asking our clients individually...
Why do you do business with us?
What helps you pick a contractor?
What problems do you face picking the right contractor?

After asking thousands of customers those same questions, I began to realize the problems in the construction and home improvement industry that could easily be fixed.

1. Trust Factor
When paying for improvements to be done to a property it can become very costly so customers want to make sure they are doing business with someone they can trust to do exactly what they are contracted to do.

2. Detail
When getting improvements done to your property it can be hard because you may have no clue what the pricing should be for the service. So when you give your customer a lot of detail on the work being performed it helps them feel more comfortable and they understand a little better what they are paying for.

3. Time Management
Customers may be working on a deadline when getting a service done so they are wanting a contractor that is honest and mindful of their needs. The more you are upfront on your timeline of when you can get them an estimate and/or complete the work for them the better the job process will go.

There’s a level of transparency that must be kept between the customer and contractor that allows for long relationships to be built.

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Chelsea Ellis