Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc. was started 30+ years ago by Jim Reynolds himself! People know Jim from how he would always go door to door to talk to over 1,000+ customers that he knew personally by address and name. He is the face and backbone of the company and what it stands for.


Samuel Ellis

Sam Ellis has 3 decades of experience in the home improvement industry and entrepreneurship. He has been awarded contracts with companies such as Kentucky Derby Festival, Ford, Mall St. Matthews, Kentucky Government and more. In his spare time, Sam enjoys teaching others about the importance of Financial Literacy. Sam Ellis is also the father of Chelsea, Porsha & Kahlil the leadership team of Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc.


Chelsea Ellis

Chelsea was born and raised around the construction and home improvement industry. She is a sales and marketing professional, #1 Amazon best selling author and leads the company's operations process. Chelsea is one of the key factors in the leadership and growth of the company!

VP of Business Development

Kahlil Garmon

Attending WKU he is speciailizing in entrepreneurship and real estate in order to help expand the Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc. brand.

He focuses on finding and developing strategic partnerships in the construction industry.

VP of Community Outreach

Porsha Ellis

Mother of 3, business owner and specializes in bridging the gap between the company and community. She is at the forefront of all Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc., events, expos, trainings, fundraisers and intiatives.

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Sealing Blacktop Driveways is hot, dirty work for the most part, so why would anyone want to do it for 30+ years?

Quite frankly, many of our customers ask us that very question. Well, we certainly do it for the money, but it's you our satisfied customer that get your driveway done year after year that keeps us going.

Moreover, Its your thank you, cold glass of water, on a hot summer day, your smile, your referral to your family and friends and we thank you.

Our team at Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor, Inc. are so fortunate to have such a great community of fans.

Why did I say fans? Because we are artists... we treat each job like artwork, painting a master piece, and our job is to make your asphalt driveway or business parking lot look beautiful so you will rave about it.

Back to the reason why we seal, hence, the main reason we do it is because we enjoy doing it!