Why We Use EZ Street Asphalt

By Chelsea Ellis-Hogan

As a company that has grown in the same field for 3 decades, you realize that some things in the industry just don’t change. There are things that everyone knows works, so you pass those techniques down and normally have to only make small tweaks. There are also times when you realize a new product has come along and is a game changer! EZ Street Asphalt was one of those products for our company. From a business and customer perspective, it is exactly what the name says EASY (EZ). It’s easy to understand, to use and to maintain! This product is something you can get in 50 lb bags, or in tons for major repair areas.

They have the saying of “Showing Potholes Who’s Boss” and it’s doing just that. For five years, we’ve used it for commercial properties like restaurants, apartment complexes and shopping centers. We also use it for residential driveways on pothole repairs. Used along with the infrared system, we are able to reheat asphalt in order to cut back on waste; this product blends perfectly with hot asphalt too.

This product can be used hot or cold so that gives you a lot of advantages as a contractor to be flexible with time and the ability of taking your time with the repair. You no longer have to calculate getting asphalt to the job at the perfect time so that it doesn’t get cold and go to waste if you don’t use it all. We store the asphalt in our hot box and you even have the ability of creating a area to store it by the tons in a construction yard.

This product can be used on top of a rock base, works in water, cold weather and once finished applying, no drying time is needed before vehicles can access. This asphalt allows you to get the job done faster so it reduce traffic risks for working on main areas.

You can compact it using a tamper, compactor or roller the same as any other asphalt. You do not have to put down any tack coat, but we do recommend adding crack fill around the edge of the repair.

I recently read an Article on the EZ Street Asphalt website that stated one year ago the first street got paved with EZ Street and a year later it is still in great shape. It was used in an area that was 2.5 hours away from the closest asphalt plant. Considering that travel time, it would be problematic using a hot asphalt product.

We as a company believe that more and more customers will start to request this product and that more contractors will become comfortable using it.

This is also a product that you can use yourself!

If you are planning to use this product yourself, you must first clean the area of any loose debris, sand and leaves. You will know the asphalt is ready when there is nothing there loose for the materials to stick too.

Next you will fill in the area with the asphalt. It’s helpful to cut the bag straight across the top or use bags with strings that can be reusable for any debris removed. Next, compact the area. If you are doing it yourself most likely you are using a hand tamper. It is okay to drive immediately over the asphalt so you can consider that also to be even more compaction to the area. You should drive on the area straight verses turning your wheels on it.

This product stores well up to 12 months. You can put it inside of a sand bag, hot box or the original package. Visit the EZ Street Website and use their product calculator to determine how many bags you may need to get the jobs done based off the length(ft), width(ft) and depth(in). This product is environmentally friendly and that feature can definitely expand your customer base AND, it’s perfect for night work since asphalt plants don’t have to be open in order to get the work done! You can also become a distributor of EZ Street Asphalt in order to make an additional stream of income if you have the property and marketing abilities to do so. They also have an environmentally friendly product that uses bio-fuel! It utilizes 100% renewable resources and even leverages modern recycling technology. As the industry improves we want to continue to make sure we use the best products for our customers!

If you are interested in purchasing EZ Street Asphalt please contact us here