Eat Your Elephant

Written by Kahlil Garmon

There is only one way to eat an elephant, one bite at a time.” The power and simplicity of this famous quote by Desmond Tutu has always stuck with me. It is a great analogy that symbolizes the best way to go attack our big goals and obstacles. We all have big dreams, ambitions, and tasks ahead of us. When these tasks seem too daunting and overwhelming, we simply just have to view it as another elephant. An elephant that can be broken down and conquered bite by bite. Once we take that first step of action or that first bite, it seems as if a weight is lifted off our shoulders and the task seems to be 100 times more manageable.

One specific elephant or goal I have put on my plate for this upcoming year is to have a 4.0 GPA. This is a goal I have never set or achieved in college; so when I first thought about this as a goal, I was naturally uncomfortable.

“What if I told everyone this goal, wrote it down everywhere, and became so dedicated just to fail? Is it really possible for me to get perfect grades while excelling in my business work? Would I be sacrificing my social life and last years of college?”

All these thoughts and doubts came into my mind which made the goal seem even more daunting and impossible for me to achieve. The moment I thought of this goal as just another elephant, is the moment my perspective and attitude changed. Getting a 4.0 is just like any other big goal or task. You have to start small and win smaller goals within. I had to write and plan out all the smaller tasks that will lead me to success over time. Now I am taking action every day to conquer this goal. Whether it be going to class early, planning out my next two weeks of assignments, or masterminding with other students, I know that these smaller bites and actions will get me closer to that 4.0. And even if I do fail I won't be discouraged knowing I demanded the absolute best out of myself and learned along the way. I know going after the big goals and dreams are the scariest, but always turn out to be the most worth it.

One strategy everyone can do is to write down a goal that has always seemed intimidating. Then write down a list of smaller steps that will help you get closer to that goal. It could be a small habit that you can try every day or a big change. Once you take that first step you are already on the path to improvement. At Jim Reynolds Asphalt Contractor we believe in the importance of reaching new goals not only in your business but in all areas of your life.

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